Lifeguard to the rescue…

Walking with the Alligators

A Nurse Shark near Ambergris Caye, Belize 11-22-2003
Picture credit: Joseph Thomas

A Fort Lauderdale Lifeguard, Szilard Janko, rescued/saved a Nurse Shark a few days ago.

But it only just made our local News here this morning.

Janko carefully removed a fishing line and hook from the 2 foot shark and then released it.

The grateful animal he said, swam away, “without saying a word,” not realizing that not many would have done  what this kind man just did!

Two weeks ago a woman in Boca Raton was bitten by the same type of shark.

The woman went to the hospital with it still attached to her.

The woman lived, the shark did not.

What is being repeated daily after these incidents here, is that the debris in our Oceans is a disaster which helps create the Environment for many of these ” accidents ”  in Florida to occur.


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The Promise~

Walking with the Alligators


Circus Elephants
Picture credit: Wikipedia Public Domain

This morning on our News was an ugly twist to a story that had not been expected.

You may remember the post written months ago about the Ringling Bros. Circus retiring their elephants to a Retirement Sanctuary here in Central  Florida. This was a source of immense  joy for me and many others who love them and have fought to set them free.

We were all looking forward to this day, thrilled that finally, these long abused, beloved animals would find peace, after so many years of pain and misery at the hands of greedy owners.

Not that this particular circus is the only one, all of them treat animals badly, one way or another and all should be shut down. Only Humans should be in any future performances, as they and only they, are WILLING participants in a dirty little business.


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